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Simplify Booking, Boost Efficiency, Delight Customers: Experience the Future of Reservations! Everything you need to turn more tables, manage shifts and keep guests happy.
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Fast and Flexible
Table Management

Explore Immersive Floor Plan Visualization for Effortless Space Optimization and Informed Decision-Making.

Effortlessly View

Explore guest preferences and more in one place. Enhance personalization, improve service, and foster lasting guest relationships with our comprehensive guest insights.

Know your guest insights at a glance

Customize Bookings and Details with Ease, Ensuring a Smooth Dining Experience.

You Can Update The Streamlined Reservation with one click

Effortlessly Manage Table Assignments, Waiting Lists, and Walk-Ins in One Smart Reservation Hub, Enhancing Your Restaurant’s Flow.

Easy Steps You Can Add New Reservation

Efficient Guest Assigning and Seamless Flow Management

Elevate Guest Experiences, Optimize Table Turnovers, and Seamlessly Orchestrate Every Dining Moment, from Reservation to Check, with Precision and Care.
Smart guest management and cover flow
You can edit and assign servers with just a few clicks

Simplify Server Assignments with a Few Clicks

Empower your team and elevate service quality. Easily manage and reassign servers, optimizing staff resources to ensure exceptional dining experiences for your guests.

Unlock Our Feature
Set's Full Potential

Uncover a world of possibilities with our feature-packed solutions. From reservation management to guest insights,

we have everything you need to optimize your restaurant operations and exceed customer expectations.

Tags, Statuses and Notes

Tag, Statuses & Notes

Simplify Management and Enhance Guest Experiences with Tags, Statuses, and Notes.
Print Daily Reports

Effortless Daily Reporting

Stay Informed, Stay Efficient, Daily Reports at Your Fingertips.
Manage waiting list

Manage waiting list

Seamlessly Handle Waiting Guests for a Smooth Dining Experience.

Effortless Walk-In Customer Management

More Table Management

Table Manage Features

Smart table suggestions

web, mobile, tab available

Smart Shift Management

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